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Federica García Lorca (1898-1936) is one of the most important Spanish writers of the last century. He was a versatile artist and he not only wrote poems, but also prose and plays. He was a huge admirer of the Cante Jondo and Lorca’s lyrics can still be heard in flamenco music today.

With this film, filmmaker Nienke Jorissen, flamenco guitarist Eric Vaarzon Morel and songwriter/producer Eline Vaarzon Morel celebrate García Lorca’s 125th birthday. They take you to the world of Lorca as it can be found in his alienating poems.

This film is an ode to the hunger of the soul of Federico García Lorca. Be welcome and enter the inner landscape of his poetry!

Lorca’s birthday is June 5. That is why this film will be shown online from 5 to 11 June as a tribute to Lorca. You can support the makers of this film by purchasing it for €4.

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